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Find out how we provide patients and providers timely, accurate, and actionable laboratory services! Testing you control!

Clinical Testing with YOU in MIND, Get Motivated!


We are a full service clinical laboratory, so how are we different?

We are the first laboratory to offer a new take on personalized medicine and molecular genetic testing. We offer you knowledge that is a powerful tool in transforming your health using your DNA. Finally, you will be able to have the right medication, the right supplements at the right time! We have prodcuts available for providers and direct to consumer.

We help you with a simple and easy to read report that will provide actionable and informative guidance on what medication to take, what foods to eat, what supplements to take and what works best for your body. At last, information that is designed for you! Find your best health, be your best self, and reach your goals. Ask yourself, what motivates you? The answer to that question makes these genetic laboratory tests worth it! You are worth it! 

About Us

Why Our Lab

Our laboratory is based in Memphis, TN, which is our headquarters. We are now pleased to announce a second location in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are able to offer local pick-up and courier services, allowing results for many tests back in less than 24 hours. Clients that are outside of a 25 mile radius of either location will utilize our healthcare shipping program via UPS. All clients will have 24 hour turnaround time, once samples are received. While Poplar Ave. is our headquarters, we have strategic partnerships that allow us multiple locations. Please contact us directly to find out if you are in a courier serviced location for sample pickup.

We specialize in molecular genetic testing. While we are new to Memphis, TN, our staff has over 25 years of experience and are highly educated with advanced degrees in genetics, epidemiology, business, finance, and clinical medical practice (MDs, DOs, NPs). We have a dedicated team of clinical geneticists on-staff and available to take questions 24 hours day. Our laboratory is as unique as your DNA. Experience the difference today.

How We Help

Using the latest in technology, we offer molecular genetic testing, full DNA services, toxicology, and blood clinical testing. Our laboratory will work with clinics to provide them with lab testing and results in a timely and accurate manner. Our commitment is to quality, our commitment is to the patient, our commitment is to you.

Experience the Difference

Our laboratory differs from other labs because we are designed around you. As specific as DNA, we offer testing designed around your patient population. Our epidemiologists will work with you to access your overall patient needs. Additionally, we can market and co-brand with you using all advertising methods to include social media. We contribute to our providers/clients success.

Our Services

Clinical Testing for Physicians

Clinical diagnostic laboratory and molecular genetic testing available for healthcare providers to order. Our tests are excellent tools that should be used to enlighten our physicians and empower our patients.


Molecular Testing for Consumers

DNA based laboratory testing (molecular genetic testing) direct to consumer to improve your nutrition, skin and body care. Additionally, we offer weight loss support customizable to your needs.

Clinical Consultations for Consumers

Our laboratory offers wellness consultations to help you get the care you need and deserve. Our providers are available to provide you with a health assessment followed by testing recommendations and orders as needed based on your assessment. This can be completed either over the phone or in our offices. Schedule your appointment today.

Contact Us


What motivates you?

Please send us a message or call or laboratory for an appointment. 


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P23 Labs

6000 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38119, United States

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